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  1. We want to thank Nicole and her blog group for taking a look at “The Undercover Kids.” Nicole who is 16 asked her younger sister Samantha, who is 12, to read and review the book.
    ” Okay, time to review. Even though this book was a little younger then the books I normally read, it was still good non-the-less. It was fun to find out that pannenkoeken is really pancakes with ham, cheese, and tomato on top. I wish I could’ve seen a bit more, but of course, Cooper’s gone and what not. I suggest that ages 7-12 read this book, maybe younger if they are good readers.”

    Sami gave the book a 9/10. Great going! Check it out.

  2. Andrea age 10, just reviewed the The Undercover Kids for First Clues, Mystery for Kids.
    “Do you want to travel to different places around the world without ever having to leave your house? Then The Undercover Kids’ Holland Adventure The Trunk in the Attic is for you.

    “This book was a great book. If there could be a 10 star rating, I’d give it 10 stars! I liked it so much, that I read it in one day. I really liked the way the author set up the story. It made me feel like I was Katie since I’m also 10 years old and have a brother (but he’s not 7). I also liked the characters. Katie is very spunky and Jake is always hungry. Plus, Cooper is very crazy in the beginning of the story. The neatest part of the story is being able to travel to Holland. I learned a lot about Holland by reading the book. It’s a lot like The Magic Tree House books in that way. It’s a great way to learn about different places. website is also a lot of fun. They have story contests. I’d love to be an Undercover Kid and can’t wait until the next book which is supposed to be published this fall. I hope they go to Paris!

  3. Both of my kids (12 and 9) have now read and enjoyed the book. They are thrilled with the concept and hoping to read more of them. One compared it to magic school bus, “only meatier, because you read it”, and the other thought it was like magic tree house books, “but geography instead of history”. I thought the comparisons were well put.
    Seann Dikkers, Wisconsin

  4. I see a lot of potential in this new series. It’s an excellent way for young readers to learn about the world around them while Katie and Jake meet people and perform good deeds along the way. The one thing I found confusing is that the book starts in present tense, then changes to past tense and occasionally switches through the story. This interupted the flow of the prose at times.

    While Katie and Jake learn a great deal about Holland and the Dutch culture once they travel through the tunnel, the middle is a bit lacking in conflict until Cooper disappears and the kids must race against time to to find him. If Cooper’s disappearance had happened earlier in the story and the bad guy didn’t give up so easily, the conflict would have carried the story and made it seem less like a history and geography lesson hidden in a book.
    The illustrations by Karen Donnelly were superb and added the perfect visual touch to engage the reader.
    Cheryl, The Kids Book Connection

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