Books can open the door to new discoveries

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When I was young and read a book, I never did any activities that went along with that book. I might have said to my parents, “I just read a really great book,” but that’s it. I would just move on and start reading another book (or as much as I hate to admit this, wait for the movie to come out). But, there are so many other activities that you do while you are reading a book. That’s what is so great about the Undercover Kids, even though it is just one book there is so much you can do along with it for fun. For example, we just developed a teacher’s guide that is filled with great activities teachers and students can do together with or without reading the Undercover Kids. You can download it on the Undercover Kids homepage. Also, be on the lookout for our Undercover Kids Column in  Hudson Valley Parent magazine, where we will post various fun and educational activities that you can participate in with your family. If you are a student reading this blog tell your teacher about the guide and if you are a parent or a teacher thanks for visiting our page! Remember open up a book and let it take you on an adventure and have fun. Happy reading!

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