Can you tell a story in six words?

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The group here at excitingread publishing group is always looking for fun writing activities for kids to enjoy. One activity you can try is telling a story in only six words! I tried this activity myself by choosing a topic to write about then timing myself to see how many six word stories I could do in ten minutes. Let me tell you this was quite a challenge! This is a great way to practice your descriptive language and writing skills. Check out this website to learn more! On the website you can view a book of memoirs (when a writer writes about his or her own life), that was put together by third grade students. 

Here are some examples:

“Five continents down, two to go.”

“Age 11: became a middle child.”

“Fourteen years old, story still untold.”

“Looking to know everything about everything.”

Those are just a few of the creative entries. I’m sure there are more stories to be told. What’s yours?

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